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About Us

Humble Bee Designs is a Houston based web design studio operating in Houston TX and its neighboring areas. Our team of talented web designers creates professional websites, that are affordable, attractive, user friendly, functionally designed, and rank high in search engines. Usability,search engine visibility, and quality design are the the key elements that will ensure your website is competitive and will receive the exposure that your business requires.

Our user interface driven websites employ the most up-to-date technologies to insure maximum online functionality and flexibility, in a professionally designed web presence.

Our Design Philosophy

Paying great attention to detail means your site will have cross-browser compatibility, printer-friendly pages, and user-friendly navigation. Our designers and developers are dedicated to providing you a professional, custom web solution, with a turnaround time of 1 or 2 days for most updates and 2 to 4 weeks for most web design projects.

Quality Web Design

An attractive, elegant web design conveys professionalism and an aesthetic sensibility to your clients. Our society is a visually driven consumer culture in which the image plays a fundamental role in successfully marketing your company. Our studio creates original designs employing design color theory and advanced web technologies including CSS, HTML5, and Javascript. We work with you to strike the perfect balance between client appreciation and design industry standard.

Affordable Web Design

Our extensive experience in the field of web design allows us to create web sites efficiently, which means less work hours for us and more money in your pocket. Web site packages start at around $500 for basic websites, and can range up to a few thousand dollars for more complex, e-commerce sites, and global sites.